About Us



Ariel is a Southern Californian native who has a passion for health and wellness, which she loves to share with others. 

 After attending pastry school in Toronto, she furthered her studies by taking a two-week course at a French pastry school, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie, in Yssingeaux, France.

 Accepting an opportunity to work under the prestigious MOF chef Bruno Montcoudiol in the small southern town of Monistrol-Sur-Loire, Ariel immersed herself in honing her skills under his guidance. 

Upon her return to Toronto, a position at an Italian bakery gave her the opportunity to expand her pastry knowledge and palate, leading to a love for Italian pastries.

The use of nuts, herbs, honey, cinnamon and dark, bitter chocolate, opened her eyes to a new perspective on the variations of flavors and textures in pastries from different countries.  Thousands of biscotti slices later, Ariel packed up her bags and took off to Vancouver, Canada to dive into the chocolate scene.  Unfortunately after a short four months working with a chocolatier, she developed an allergy to chocolate, a life changing event, forcing her to leave her job and setting her on course for a new direction. 

In her search for a solution, Ariel has tried many diets from vegan to vegetarian to paleo;  she quickly realized that all the desserts offered for those specific diets relied on refined sugar to mask the difference in taste to conventional ingredients. Ariel likes to call refined sugar, “The White Devil” and has made it her mission to find acceptable replacements. She has always believed in living a balanced lifestyle which means sometimes indulging in treats. The only difference is, hers are made with wholesome ingredients, that also makes your body feel good.  

Focusing on the foods that nourish and fuel our bodies, Ariel created a line of hand-crafted vegan desserts that are free of gluten, soy and refined sugar.  She is committed to using ingredients that are organic and locally sourced when possible.  The driving force behind Gypsy Crumbs is the goal of changing the way people look at (and crave) healthy desserts